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Origin of World Wide Web ?







Wide Spread Common Man’s Use of Computer for Communication

( The Development of World Wide Web )

In earlier days also computers were used for communication, but this was limited as  military networks , advanced research networks and university networks, and to an extent certain networks for the peoples who use communication tools such as GOPHER, NEWSGROUPS, TELNET, FTP  etc

Research at CERN  ( 1990 )

By December 1990 Tim Berners Lee of CERN had built all the tools necessary for a working Web the first web browser (which was a web editor as well); the first web server; and the first web pages, which described the project itself.

The First Web Server






The First Web Browser







Release of Mosaic from University of Illinois ( 1993 ) 

Mosaic was a Web Browser and also a client for earlier protocols such as FTP, NNTP and Gopher. Mosaic was developed at the NationalCenterfor Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)at the UniversityofIllinoisand released on January 1993. It is credited with popularizing the World Wide Web.















Mosaic Browser







Its clean, easily understood user interface, reliability, simple installation all contributed to making it the application that opened up the Web to the general public. Mosaic was also the first browser to display images inline with text instead of displaying images in a separate window.

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