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Comparing Super Computing and Grid Computing ?





Data Processing Power of Computer is a measure the quantity of Data that can be processed in a specified Time. With increasing Data Processing Power we have  Microcomputer , Minicomputer, Mainframe computer, Supercomputer and Grid Computer.

                        Computing power is how fast a machine can perform an operation. Behind what you see on the screen, the computer’s processor is performing a series of math problems to fulfill a command. The faster the processor, the more calculations per second it can handle. Everything a computer does breaks down into math. Your computer’s processor interprets any command you execute as a series of math problems. Faster processors can handle more calculations per second than slower ones, and they’re also better at handling really tough calculations.

                     When you talk about how many gigahertz your processor has, you’re really talking about clock speed. The number refers to how many electrical pulses your CPU sends out each second. A 3.2 gigahertz processor sends out around 3.2 billion pulses each second. While it’s possible to push some processors to speeds faster than their advertised limits — a process called over clocking — eventually a clock will hit its limit and will go no faster. Computers with multiple processors have an advantage over single-processor machines, because each processor core can handle a certain number of calculations per second. Multiple-core processors increase computing power while using less electricity

Super Computer

                      These machines are capable of performing hundreds of millions of complex scientific calculations per second, operate many times faster than the largest Mainframes. Super computers are designed principally for scientific applications that require an enormous number of applications ( Calculations ). They are used mainly for Weather Forecasting, Defense and Weapons Analysis, Petroleum Research etc.



IBM’s Blue Gene Supercomputer

Grid  Computer 

These are really virtual machines, because a Grid Computer is created by connecting many Super Computers,  Mainframe or Minicomputers. These machines may be located in different buildings, different states or even different Countries. Grid Computers are capable of performing hundreds of billions of complex scientific calculations per second Grids computing offer a way to solve Grand Challenge problems such as protein folding, financial modeling, earthquake simulation, and climate/weather modeling.

Open Science Grid 






Open Science Grid Map 


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