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Importance of Flash Player ?

Most PCs come pre-loaded with Flash, because most sites in the internet depend on this technology. Essential to view many Videos, Slide Shows, Animations and Flash Games etc. Many Websites wont work properly if you don’t have Flash Player in your System. To get the best out of the web you will need Flash. Research shows that around 99% of internet users now have it. It is a popular player for video and animation.  And it has the added advantage of being quick to load and the ability to ‘stream’ media. Streaming means that the video / animation will start to play before the whole file is loaded, thus saving time.

 Differences between Flash  ActiveX and Flash Plugin ?

Internet explorer is default web browser in PCs with Windows OS. However, many users online may also use other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox . Adobe Flash Player has two different versions for different Web Browsers. That is Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player Plugin. Adobe Flash player ActiveX is used in Internet Explorer whereas Adobe Flash Player Plugin is used in other popular web browsers like Chrome  and Firefox . It is important to make sure that both the versions of Flash Players are updated to make your PC secure from any exploitation through flash player.

Issues with Outdated Adobe Flash Player ?

Accessing Internet with outdated flash player can leave you potentially vulnerable online. Using outdated flash player ActiveX and Plugin can cause Browsers to crash or make them unstable while accessing web pages with rich content applications. It also allows an attacker to run some malicious code in your computer. It has become a common target for cyber-criminals, who exploit the vulnerabilities in outdated versions of flash players to silently infect web surfers with malware when visiting compromised websites. In order to avoid exploitation on their PCs, Internet users have to update their Flash Player regularly. 

Window recommending for the Download of  New Version of Adobe Flash Player ( No need to Download if you enabled Automatic Update ).

Configuring Flash Player for Automatic Updates ?

1. When you are visiting a site with Animations Just Place the Mouse curser over an Animation Block and then right-click.

2. Select Global Settings from the Drop Down Menu. You will see a Window as follows

3. Select Advanced Tab from that. 

4. On the Advanced Tab select the Radio Button – ” Allow Adobe to Install Updates ( recommended )” Option.

5.Close the Window, You are Done !

♦ Check Your Flash Player Version ?

♦ Download Adobe Flash Player ?

Alternative Method In Windows Operating System :

Click – Start -> Control Panel

On the Left Side -> Other Control Panel Options – > Flash Player

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