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Real Player – the All in One solution for handling Web Videos ?

Web Video Files are easy to play online but if you want it to play off line or wish to download it and save permanently it is a big problem, because these files come in different web formats and so it is very difficult to  download them and also many sites don’t permit to download the file. Here come the the use of Real Player, the all in one solution which is available freely on web for download.

NB- You have to download the Free Basic Version.It will take time,you will be patient and careful in going through the dialog boxes presented by the Real Player during the installation process,this will help you install a clean Version of Real Player. The Free Basic Version of Real Player comes packed with the following Utilities, all these will be automatically installed with the Real Player, they are – Real Downloader, Real Trimmer ( to Cut the Videos ), Real Converter ( To Convert the downloaded Videos to different formats ).

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